Air on the Go

Whether you are travelling by car or bike, or if you use an inflatable air mattress, chances are you’ve needed air at some point in your journey. When you have to pack up and carry everything you own with you all the time, you become selective with what you are willing to lug around all the time. One thing that you might want to consider having is a portable air compressor for emergencies.

If you are riding a bicycle on a wooded trail, chances are, you would take a small bicycle pump and patch kit with you because you wouldn’t want to get stranded. But are you as well prepared if you’re travelling by car, especially if you in an unfamiliar rental, or if you are in a foreign country on roads not well travelled? What happens if you get a flat?

They make small air compressors that have special adapters to run off a car’s power. This is the type of item you can put in the trunk if you travel by car often and not think about until you have to use it. The great thing about an air compressor like that is you can use it for other things, too. If you like sleeping on air mattresses, you can use it to inflate them. No more pumping by hand or worrying about if the built-in pump’s batteries have enough juice to get you through another night. I tend to be overly prepared, so when I know I’ll be travelling by car, I take one with me. The one I bought is on the large side, but it will also jumpstart a car and can charge USB devices in a pinch. It also has a backlight pressure gauge, which I didn’t think would be a good feature until I needed it once in the dark. I got a flat tire in a rental car with a completely empty space where the spare should have been! It was late at night and I was a long way from anywhere, so my compressor saved me a lot of hassle. Again, I love mine because I like to be prepared, but be honest with yourself: you might not need a device that does quite so much!

If you are interested in adding one of these to your pack for travelling, I highly recommend reading air compressor reviews before purchasing. Be sure that it has the ability to inflate what you need (a needle for tires or the like, an adaptor for small air mattress valves) right out of the box without having to buy anything extra. If you need it to run on a car battery, make sure it comes with the adapter or that it is available for purchase. Some can even run off batteries if you are concerned about being away from power sources for any length of time. Also, see how much it weighs and how big it is. It isn’t going to help you if it is too heavy for you to carry wherever you go.

With a little investigating, you can find something that will meet your air needs and your lifestyle. Good luck, and safe travels!