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Staying at a Hostel vs. Hotel

Hi travel fans! I have a lot of experience to share. As a veteran traveler, I can steer you in the right direction to avoid the crowded tourist traps. Tourists just opt for the obvious and they don’t need more than a handy guidebook. This is the way to meet other tourists and not the […]

Great Experience on a Lazy River

There is a song by Bobby Darin called “Up a Lazy River” with great lyrics. Up a lazy river by the old mill run Lazy river in the noon day sun Linger awhile in the shade of a tree Throw away your troubles, dream with me Up a lazy river where the robin’s song Wakes […]

ER Visit

After a trip to the ER when overseas on a personal junket of sorts, I went back with a gift for the doctor that went out above and beyond in terms of my care. I had developed a strange malady that I was sure no one could diagnose. The symptoms were fever and ague, high […]

Breathing Easier as a Traveler

Traveling is a great joy to most people who love to see new places and new faces around the world—and the more exotic the better. It is the ultimate antidote to boredom and ennui at home. Every so often, we must break our routines and get on a plain, bus, or train. Comparing cultures is […]

Odd Jobs While Travelling

Travelling can be expensive, and getting all the places you want to go can seem like a financially daunting task. There are smart ways to cut back on costs—travelling light, staying in hostels, haggling, buying a cheap used vehicle that you can sell before you leave somewhere, and lots of other little tricks. You probably […]

Air on the Go

Whether you are travelling by car or bike, or if you use an inflatable air mattress, chances are you’ve needed air at some point in your journey. When you have to pack up and carry everything you own with you all the time, you become selective with what you are willing to lug around all […]

Packing Pro Tip: Electric Blanket

When you travel, you have your adapter set to handle any little appliances you take along like an electric toothbrush, a hair dryer, an electric shaver, and the like. When you travel a lot as I do, little conveniences start to mean a lot and you get tired of roughing it and making do. You […]

Cheap Cleans

In the US, housecleaning is big business. Second generation immigrants hire new ones to do the dirty work for a song. The color of help in America has changed over the decades. In the early 20th century, after the Civil War of course, eastern Europeans downed the caps and aprons first followed by African Americans […]

Why Live and Work Away from Home

If you have a sense of adventure, and maybe need more income, choosing to work abroad is ideal. When you are ready to return home, your pockets could be lined with cold, hard cash, more than you could make at an existing job over many years. The opportunities in our global economy are very enticing, […]

Travel Documents 101

Traveling abroad is always an exciting prospect, but it can be challenging to remember all the requirements before you take off. While there are sometimes specific types of documents you will need to enter a foreign country, most of the time they include passports and visas. Canada, Australia, and England do not require the latter, […]

Top Places to Live and Work Outside of the US

Have you had fantasies about living abroad and getting away from the same old rat race? You are among friends. Some people imagine living on the 50th floor of a luxury high rise in Dubai or in a Tuscan villa in the countryside of Italy. They long for a thatched-roof hut in Thailand or a […]

Jobs and Businesses that can be Run from Anywhere

If you work on a computer, you can work anywhere. They are portable after all and are not choosy about their immediate locale. Plus, if you want to work abroad, you don’t have to pack much in the way of business supplies. Young people, in particular, who like to roam and wander, have taken advantage […]

What Is An Expat?

An expariot has a special status abroad. He or she lives may live there permanently and has more or less resigned from a former life back home. There can be many reasons why someone makes the big move to leave one’s homeland: a broken heart, a sense of adventure, boredom—who knows! The point is that […]