Great Experience on a Lazy River

There is a song by Bobby Darin called “Up a Lazy River” with great lyrics.

Up a lazy river by the old mill run
Lazy river in the noon day sun
Linger awhile in the shade of a tree
Throw away your troubles, dream with me

Up a lazy river where the robin’s song
Wakes the morning, we roll along
Make me blue skies above
Everyone’s in love
Up a lazy river, how happy we’ll be
Up a lazy river with me

This is only half of the song but it speaks clearly of a lovely day in the sun by the river. If you live near one you can identify. I happen to reside within a few miles and so I ask people how they enjoy their favorite spot for a great experience. I enjoy community activities and always want to know what others recommend. This would be true even if I were traveling as much as it is for at home. People bask in the warm rays of the sun, have picnics, go boating or swimming, and perhaps some like to fish. A good many have reported to me that tubing is tops on their list to do especially with their kids. I was intrigued and wanted to try river floating as it is called. I have a little free time so why not buy a tube just for river floating. You can get them online or in any water recreation store. They come shaped like a tube, sure, but there are others that are more unique. They have writing or graphics on them and some are quite colorful so you won’t be missed as you glide down the river. You can be towed by a boat in a lake or ride the rapids as well. Get one that is versatile and durable.

I found the activity to be great fun and most enjoyable. I certainly want to go back again, another time with friends and a big picnic basket. We will rest out of the water with some soda and beer. Any sunny summer day is a good time to indulge. Let other people bring their own tubes and we are all set. It is so lucky to have the river nearby and not to have to drive for hours to get to one. I love water recreation of all types and this one is new enough to me to be a top favorite. My friends and I create mock races and try to reach a stated goal first to win. Afterwards we like to relax and just drift for hours. No need to get intense. Thus it is very different from body surfing in the ocean or water skiing. It is indeed a lazy enterprise. The tube I have is the best—it has a backrest and is rather comfortable. There is a drink holder, a grab robe, and heavy duty handles. This is divine river lounging. I suggest you try it.