Jobs and Businesses that can be Run from Anywhere


If you work on a computer, you can work anywhere. They are portable after all and are not choosy about their immediate locale. Plus, if you want to work abroad, you don’t have to pack much in the way of business supplies. Young people, in particular, who like to roam and wander, have taken advantage of self-employment to earn income while enjoying an alternate culture. It is a way to be fancy free and employed at the same time. Sometimes a brief visit turns into an expatriot experience.

It is much cheaper to live abroad if you go to central or South America or some Asian countries. Maybe you can’t get deals in Dubai or Bangkok, but you can in Costa Rica and Panama. The point is to get the travel bug out of your system, while you ply your usual trade. You could be a freelance writer or editor, a translator, a software developer, a blogger, a webmaster, a marketing specialist, or an app genius. You can, indeed, take your skills with you.

It is all about independence and self-mastery. What could be better? You can work day or night, and often have to in order to meet client’s demands. You decide when, where, and why. Life seldom offers such freedom. If you enjoy the company of others, many small businesses can be established almost anywhere there is electricity, using local staff. You can open a restaurant, offering something exotic and new, or you can run a retail shop for local goods. You don’t need much infrastructure, only inventory.

Americans find that teaching and tutoring English is highly lucrative and in demand around the world. They can operate from home or go to students’ abodes. Walk, bike, or take the bus—it all works. You may find that local companies are your clients and they will provide the space you need to conduct classes and seminars.

You might be a jewelry designer in Bali and go to learn from local craftspeople. You can teach surfing in Thailand and tennis in Rome. Perhaps you create video games or do profession al animation. You might be a painter or sculptor, an architect or an engineer. You can hire on temporarily to a team of professionals in business or stay as solo as you like. You are not under contract or particular obligation which is the ultimate definition of freelance. Supporting yourself overseas is doable and attractive. You call the shots. The good part is when you move, you can often take your clients with you.

Working anywhere may be easy in principle, but you do have to get a word visa and a place to live. Paperwork varies from country to country. Working in a place that allows automatic work permit renewal is desirable and makes things go smoothly. You want to avoid too much red tape. When all the requirements for residency are behind you, the time is right to establish a presence and enjoy the fruits of your labor.