Staying at a Hostel vs. Hotel

Hi travel fans! I have a lot of experience to share. As a veteran traveler, I can steer you in the right direction to avoid the crowded tourist traps. Tourists just opt for the obvious and they don’t need more than a handy guidebook. This is the way to meet other tourists and not the locals. No one wants that anymore. You want to practically become a native to really get to know the true culture of a place. A traveler has higher goals and expectations. Like me, such an individual wants to embrace the wonderful differences on this great planet. To me, there are better ways to accomplish this, so stay tuned to my blog.

When venturing out for a vacation or a short stay to explore new things, accommodations are a first priority once you arrive. Unless you are on a cruise, you have a choice of options in all price ranges. Most young people I know prefer hostels. They are cheap, usually clean and adequate, and can be found in almost any location from Tibet to Turkey. It is pretty basic, but you are in the center of the action and can meet others with whom you can do day trips or share meals. If you travel alone, you might count on these encounters. Since people are from all over the world, you learn a lot as you exchange stories. Many hostel dwellers can recommend travel tips and insider information that other “tourists” do not know about. It can be invaluable in making your trip special and unique. I have made long-time friends with whom I arrange to meet on future trips abroad.

On the other hand, the amenities are few and far between. For example, I love to swim and often miss my amazing above ground pool that I have at home. It is a modest above ground affair, but I love the refreshing exercise. Thus, if I can find a hostel or hotel with any kind of facility for swimming, I am there. You don’t have to spend a bundle unless you are a lover of luxury. I like to go to places off the beaten track, and big resorts are not often common. However, during the summer, I crave a pool to unwind at the end of the day. Thus, a hotel is usually the best bet. Plus, you can eat breakfast before you take off, not to mention a late night dinner if you return late. Hostels are not as accommodating. One caveat here: I recommend eating in local restaurants at all times to sample the native cuisine and get a much better travel experience. It is, after all, all about immersing yourself in the culture of a new place, which includes the food and drink.

Thus, the choice of a hotel or hostel is key when planning your trip; although I prefer to decide when I get there. I like a spontaneous experience, which means I arrive and just see what happens. I love the surprises and exciting outcomes.