Top Places to Live and Work Outside of the US

Have you had fantasies about living abroad and getting away from the same old rat race? You are among friends. Some people imagine living on the 50th floor of a luxury high rise in Dubai or in a Tuscan villa in the countryside of Italy. They long for a thatched-roof hut in Thailand or a pagoda-like retreat in Japan. Maybe this isn’t possible exactly the way you dream, but you can get pretty close.

Jobs are available in urban and rural areas around the world. Either you can ask your company to relocate you where your skills are most needed, or you can be a freelance operator most anywhere. Lifestyle choices take the lead when deciding. You want to have good facilities and local amenities. That said, where to go?

Generally, there is a reason for selecting a country of residence. Primarily it is because you want to see the sights and enjoy the culture. Secondarily there are opportunities that beckon. If it is a matter of supply and demand, you will be directed accordingly. Take Vietnam, for example, it is five years behind in the international business arena and needs your help. Expertise in the Internet is below standards and yet they want to offer their wares for e-commerce. Getting a high-paying job may be easier here as a result. You can enjoy more than a modest lifestyle, and one better perhaps than you could have back home.

Dubai appeals to traveling entrepreneurs due to the high level of luxury available. While many people want to taste the local culture, even accepting reduced accommodations, others like full urban amenities. They can do so and still feel foreign and exposed to something new. A good percentage of workers there are from other countries, and many are permanent residents. Jobs are varied due to the burgeoning, sophisticated economy. Engineers and construction specialists are in high demand along with software developers, systems operation managers, and program analysts.

A good rule of thumb for enterprising entrepreneurs is to go where the revenues are. That could be as far ranging as Bolivia or Nepal. Scenic beauty will help you make a good decision as will overhead costs. Look at the jobs, picture yourself in local attire eating regional cuisine, and see if it is amental good fit. A poll of expatriots puts a few places at the top of the list. London and Paris are expensive but among the most wonderful cities in which to live. Rome is a close second. Prague, however, is an up and comer and known for exquisite architectural beauty. Any urban center such as Buenos Aires or Rio will have opportunities and you can learn to tango or samba while you are there.

The best jobs abroad depend on whether you are experienced in a given field or a recent college grad. The latter might lower your expectations. Most rural areas need teachers and nurses, and you can pretty much take your pick of locales in Africa or Asia. Technical expertise and a business administration background could get you to Shanghai, Hong Kong, or even Germany. It is wide open at present and now is the time to seriously consider relocation to broaden your horizons and get an upgraded resume.