Why Live and Work Away from Home

Why Live and Work Away from Home

If you have a sense of adventure, and maybe need more income, choosing to work abroad is ideal. When you are ready to return home, your pockets could be lined with cold, hard cash, more than you could make at an existing job over many years. The opportunities in our global economy are very enticing, luring thousands of Americans to the hinterlands of the world.

Expertise in software and app development and team management is a sure ticket to an overseas locale. Other good entrees include production engineer, trade specialist, Human Resources and recruitment, English teacher, compliance analyst, quality assurance, intelligence research, customer service, marketing, and many more. It is a digital, interactive world requiring a specialized background and experience. If you have what it takes, the world is your oyster.

Even if you have a family, accommodating children is not difficult. English-speaking schools abound and the kids love the change of pace. Everyone goes home with great stories to tell. The only deterrent is your own mental limitations. If you have always longed to live in China or Thailand, a few clicks of the mouse will lead you to your promise land. You can even go on Monster or ExpatCareers.com. Most employees are transferred to another division of their company, but you can go on your own and secure a lucrative position. Sometimes housing expenses are included in a package deal. What’s more, $1000 a month pay could equal $10,000 back home.

If you know the language a bit before you go, life can be much easier. Crash courses may be provided in anticipation of relocation. The experience of living in another culture goes way beyond the craze for the Peace Corps some fifty years ago when people had to rough it in very out of the way places. Now, the world is more interrelated than ever before, making adaptation less than intimidating. Enclaves of Americans, for example, exist in most urban centers, if you need help in orientation. You are never alone no matter where your career may take you.

If getting your perfect job at home is a challenge, what with all the competition of new grads every year, working abroad is the answer. Once you have the requisite experience, you can return and find employment more easily. You can rack up points in your field if you have the mental wherewithal to relocate. Talented, motivated people are always in demand, making working away from home not only plausible, but likely. A good percentage of time, the large conglomerates like Coca Cola, Hewlett-Packard and Time Warner are the companies that are hiring, and they look mighty good on ones resume. Interestingly, half of the revenues of some companies in the S&P 500 have come from outside of the U.S.

As new consumer markets open up around the world, jobs will follow, and locals alone cannot meet the demand. They often don’t have the same track record or expertise in operations and management. They lack developed communication skills. There is a void to be filled that promises exciting opportunities for foreigners. There are emerging markets in greater and southeast Asia, central Europe, Latin America, and Africa. Where there is money to be spent, there is income to be made.